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VECTOR Digital Profesional Welding Machine DC E201 Inverter ARC MMA STICK ELECTORDE E-Hand Welder

VECTOR Profesional Welder 200A Inverter ARC MMA STICK ELECTORDE E-Hand Hot Start Arc Force  Anti Stick Thermal overload    

Descript of VECTOR Digital Profesional Welding Machine DC E201 Inverter ARC MMA STICK ELECTORDE E-Hand Welder

Compact, indestructible and versatile.

For tough, safe operation on construction and in assembly work, the resilient MMA professional machines with metal casing offering the perfect solution. Even on long mains leads or connected to a generator, the welding electrode ignites reliably.

Soft-switching inverter technology with digital control system ensures a stable arc, providing problem-free welding even for special electrodes. It?s specially designed for cellulose electrodes that are 100% safe for vertical-down welds and with a professional welding performance. Powerful with heavy duty cycle of 60% at 200A, which is our international standard .

The Stick-E201 also could be ordered with PFC system

Important functions & device information at a glance

Specialized functions

♦ Expert of Vertical-down welding with cellulose electrodes.

♦ Built-in arc control lets you get in tight without sticking the electrode.

♦ Hot Start Function reliably ignites the electrode and melts perfectly to ensure the best quality even at the start of the seam.

♦ Arc Force makes it easier to weld large-drop melting electrode types at low current strengths with a short arc in particular.

♦ Thermal overload protection light indicates power shutdown. Helps prevent machine damage if the duty cycle is exceeded or airflow is blocked. 

♦ Power Factor Corrected (PFC) for optimum performance from 110 volts to 220 volts - reduces nuisance breaker tripping. (Optional)

♦ Fast, precise, clean arc ignition and arc ending.Very Powerful even uses with long supply cables.

Technical specifications
Weight11.6 kg
Power Source DimensionsL390mmxW150mmxH300mm
CoolingFan Cooled
Welder TypeInverter Power Source
European StandardsEN 60974-1 / IEC 60974-1
Number of Phases1
Nominal Supply Voltage230V +/- 15%
Nominal Supply Frequency50/60Hz
Welding Current Range20-200A
Effective Input Current29.5A
Maximum Input Current41.7A
Single Phase Generator Requirement9.5KVA
Welding Output, 40°C, 10 min.200A @ 60%, 28V 126A @ 100%, 25V
Open circuit voltage70.0-80.0V DC
Protection ClassIP 23S

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