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Descript of VECTOR Profesional Plasma Cutter CW50 Inveter cutting 12mm HF Arc 230V

Plasmacutter CW50

CUT Contakt - Contact to the workpiece is required MOSFET; VECTOR Plasmacutter

S-GUARD - Sturdy case.
Plasma cutters are operated with compressed air.
Required air pressure: 4.5 bar
Required intake capacity: 80 l / min
Plasma cutting:CUT Contact
Brand: S-Series
Shipping weight:14.00 kg

Important functions & device information at a glance

Plasma cutting 10 mm (cutting) *

*Recommendation. Refers to stainless steel. Materials with different heat dissipation can achieve higher or lower results, with steel results up to 14 mm (separating cut) are possible. For aluminum, the power is reduced to 8 mm. Cutting speed approx. 250mm / min.

Output current plasma / CUT

10-50 A

Duty cycle plasma / CUT60% at 45 A
Open circuit voltage240 V
protection classIP23S
insulation classF
input voltage400 V AC (+-15%) / 3 ~
input frequency50/60 Hz
To be secured with min.16 A
Maximum input current27 A
Maximum input power6,2 kVA
Recommended generator power-
Weight9,1 kg
Size L x B x H mm ohne Griff400 x 150 x 320
Power plug typeSchuKo type CEE 7/7
standardizeIEC 60 974-1 ; CE
CUT plasma cutter with 50 A
CUT contact - contact to the workpiece is required.
Overheating protection (O.C. - Overheating Control)
High duty cycle
230 V 16 A possible.

Scope of delivery
CUT accessoriesPlasma torch "AG-60" 4.50 meters
miscellaneousWater separator with pressure gauge
Gas fabric connection hose: 3 m
Ground cable 3 meters

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