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VECTOR Digital Welding machine MIG MAG R221 Inverter ARC MMA STICK Electrode 5KG

DC, MIG MAG 200 A, , MMA

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Descript of VECTOR Digital Welding machine MIG MAG R221 Inverter ARC MMA STICK Electrode 5KG

Full digital control system for a nice Arc performance, very few spatters.

We designed and built the MIG-R221 based on the full digital control system,accompanied with simple operation panel and easy way to use even if without any experience. The short-circuit cycle is very clear, the peak short-circuit current is strong, there is very few spatters. Especially for the thin plate welding jobs, it seems nearly no spatters during the welding.With the features of powerful peak current and dynamic control system, the MIG-R221 is portable but with heavy duty.

Important functions & device information at a glance

Specialist Features:

♦ Full digitized control system, new energy efficient IGBT inverter power source, very simple and friendly operations.

♦ Very clear wire melting drop transfer, very few spatters

♦ Powerful peak current confirms deep penetration and wide welding capacity.

♦ Dynamic control with a push of a button.

♦ Fast, precise, clean arc ignition to ensure the sccess ratio and arc ending.

♦ Weights at a mere 14 kg making it easy to carry around the shop or job site.

Technical specificationsR221

Setting range welding current5A-200A5A-170A
Duty cycle at ambient temperature40 °C40 °C
Open circuit voltage66V66V
power frequency50 Hz / 60 Hz50 Hz / 60 Hz
Mains fuse (slow)1X16A
Mains voltage (tolerances)1 x230 V (±15 %)
Max. Connected load6.1kVA5.8kVA
Receiving generator power7.5kVA7.5kVA
cos φ0.90.93
Dimensions of device LxWxH in mm

Weight device

Torch connectionEuro central connection

Normen IEC 60 974-1

 MIG MAG welding - DC DC welding of e.g. Steel and stainless steel
 MIG MAG welding machine with 200 A
 MIG MAG welding - DC welding of e.g. stole
 ARC FORCE - Arcing arc, also known as ARC force, can be used to regulate arc width.
 ANTI-STICK - Prevents sticking of the stick electrode.
 HOTSTART - Automatic boost on start for better welding results.
 MMA / ARC 170A
 2T / 4T mode
 JOB SAVE function - Save your settings
 Welding in all layers.
 Overheating protection (O.C. - Overheating Control)
 High duty cycle
 230 V at 16 A possible.

Scope of delivery
MIG MAG accessoriesMIG MAG welding torch MB15 3 meters
4 MIG MAG power nozzles
1 MIG MAG gas nozzle
1 assembly key
miscellaneousGas fabric connection hose: 3 m
Ground cable 3 meters
Electrode holder 3 meters

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